FM 81R Perfumed Antiperspirant Roll-on - 50ml

Product code: FM81R
This 50ml antiperspirant roll on matches the fragrance FM81

FM 81R - Perfumed Antiperspirant Roll-on - 50ml

FM 81 is a Floral Fragrance with Green Notes

Is an eccentric scent of magnolia, lily of the valley, rose and violet, complemented with the gentleness of apple and green cucumber.

This 50ml antiperspirant roll on matches a fragrance FM81.

It ensures a feeling of freshness throughout the whole day and it is enriched with moisturising and nourishing ingredients that care for the delicate skin of the armpits. It is ideal for dynamic, active women. It does not stain clothes, it is easy to apply and it does not contain ethyl alcohol.

Brand FM World
Product Code FM81R