FM 56H Intense Perfume for Men - 50ml Parfum

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FM 56H is a Chypre Fragrance with Woody Notes
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FM 56H - FM Perfume Intense Collection for Men - 50ml

FM 56H is a Chypre Fragrance with Wood Notes

Inflames your senses with extracts of honeysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.

The saturation of a scent depends on the amount of fragrance composition: the more fragrance, the stronger the scent!

Want to smell longer and more intensely? 

Reach for scents with high percentage of fragrance!

Characteristic:  Determined
Type:  Inflaming senses, vibrating 
Top notes:   Grapefruit, lavender, nutmeg flower,  hawthorn
Heart notes:  Raspberry, heliotrope, carnation
Base notes:  Cedar, resin, juniper
Size:  50ml
Perfume Concentrate:  24%

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Designer Brand Federico Mahora
Brand FM World
Product Code FM56H