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Pure Royal Collection

FM 366 Pure Royal Perfume - 50ml Parfum

FM 366 Pure Royal Perfume - 50ml Parfum

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FM 366 is a Spicy Fragrance with Oriental Notes

FM 366 - FM Pure Royal Perfume - 50ml

FM 366 is a Oriental Fragrance with Spicy Notes.​​​​​​​

This 50ml Pure Royal Collection Parfum for women is a rebellious, metropolitan, sexy and edgy scent.

It contains pink pepper, orange blossom and pear in the head note, coffee and jasmine in the heart note, and vanilla, patchouli and cedar in the base note. 

Characteristic:      Provocative
Type:      Rebellious, urban, sexy, edgy 
Top notes:       Pink pepper, orange blossom, pear
Heart notes:      Coffee, jasmine
Base notes:      Vanilla, patchouli, cedar
Size:      50ml
Perfume Concentrate:      20%

  • Size:
    50 ml
  • Perfume Concentrate:
  • Designer Brand:
    Federico Mahora
  • Brand:
    FM World
  • Product Code: