FM 313 Luxury Perfume - 50ml Parfum

Product code: FM313
FM 313 is a Wood Fragrance with Floral Notes

FM 313 - FM Luxury Perfume - 50ml

FM 313 is a Wood Fragrance with Floral Notes

Compelling combination of lemon, sweet raspberry and honey notes with an intoxicating flavour of orange blossom, jasmine and herbal aroma of patchouli.

Boudoir pump:

The exclusive flask is adorned with a boudoir pump. The pump has two functions: when you want to use the perfume, switch it to the “ON” position, and when you want to secure the perfume, for example during travelling, use the “OFF” function.

Characteristic:  Classy
Type:  Chic, compelling 
Top notes:   Lemon, raspberry
Heart notes:  Orange blossom, jasmine
Base notes:  Patchouli, white honey
Size:  50ml
Perfume Concentrate:  20%
Designer Brand Federico Mahora
Brand FM World
Product Code FM313