FM 16H Intense Perfume for Women - 50ml Parfum

Product code: FM16H
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FM 16H is a Chypre Fragrance with Fruity Notes

FM 16H - FM Perfume Intense Collection - 50ml

FM 16 is a Chypre fragrance with Fruity notes.

Is a fascinating and fabulously sweet mixture of toffee, pear and orange, based on sensual scent of orchid and light notes of patchouli.
Characteristic:  Sweet
Type:  Fabulous, fascinating
Top notes:   Tangerine, pear, green notes
Heart notes:  Orchid
Base notes:  Patchouli, toffee
Size:  50ml
Perfume Concentrate:  30%

Designer Brand Federico Mahora
Product Code FM16H
Brand FM World