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Fragrance Guide

The Guide to Exclusive FM (Federico Mahora) Perfumes and Fragrances

Think for a moment, what do you expect from your perfume?

 Is it supposed to be an elegant addition to your chic outfit or maybe a perfect compliment to your business image?

Is it supposed to be sexy?

Or energising?


Enchanting scents which are suitable especially for work. The combination of chic and lightness will make you feel comfortable and feminine.

Classic Collection:
FM 25, FM 81, FM 98,
FM 232

Luxury Collection:
FM 147, FM 304

Charming fragrances, irreplaceable when you want to make an electrifying impression on someone. Don't let them forget you!

Classic Collection:
FM 07, FM 239, FM256, FM 264

Luxury Collection:
FM 291, FM 305

Fragrances for women who are go-getters and not afraid of new challenges. They are perfect for crazy parties and social meetings.

Classic Collection:
FM 97, FM 125,
FM 237, FM 240,
FM 255

Luxury Collection:
FM 289, FM 306 

Mild compositions for women who want to
be even closer to nature. Light, fresh and very subtle. Perfect for everyday use, for work or to go for a walk.

Classic Collection:
FM234, FM 260,
FM 271

Luxury Collection:
FM 308, FM 310

Intense emotions  delivered by these
compositions will make you feel very sexy. Perfect choice for an evening.

Classic Collection:
FM 17, FM 173, FM183, FM 236, FM 273

Luxury Collection:
FM 286, FM 294, FM297

Ethereal and light floral compositions for women who are familiar with romantic passions. These fragrances are an inspiration for dreams and for impulsive spontaneous actions.

Classic Collection:
FM 23, FM 174,
FM 181, FM 265,
FM 269

Luxury Collection:
FM 141, FM 293


Brave fragrances will intrigue with their Imbiguity. They combine elegance and
extravagance. They are suitable for women who are not afraid to swim against the tide, who work in creative professions. With a bit of confidence you can use them anytime, anywhere.

Classic Collection:
FM24, FM 32, FM 259,
FM 270

Luxury Collection:
FM 192, FM 288,
FM 309

Discreet invitation to a tempting flirt. Not everything needs to be said and sometimes, just the right smell makes it all becomes clear.

Classic Collection:
FM 10, FM 18, FM 185, FM 251, FM 275

Luxury Collection:
FM 142, FM 285


Delightfully sweet and girly perfumes. Full of charm but also a little capricious. Allow
yourself to experience a bit of carefree pleasure! Perfect for a party or first date.

Classic Collection:
FM 26, FM 80, FM 233, FM 238, FM 263

Luxury Collection:
FM 146, FM 281,
FM 283, FM 307


Sophisticated compositions spreading he charm of elegance and perfection. Harmonious bouquet of scents will dazzle even the most demanding and successful ladies.

Classic Collection:
FM 34, FM 122, FM 252, FM 257, FM 266

Luxury Collection:
FM 296, FM 311, FM 313



Dynamic refreshing aromas recommended for active women who look after their figure. You can unfold their invigorating powers, before you go jogging or to the gym.

Classic Collection:
FM 231, FM 254, FM 272

Luxury Collection:
FM 290

Fascinating refreshing fragrances captivate with their freshness and lightness. It's a perfect choice for incurable optimists who are bursting with energy.

Classic Collection:
FM 06, FM 33, FM 267

Luxury Collection:
FM 292, FM 298

Fragrances for men who want to spread an aura of mystery around them. They like to surprise and be surprised. It's a perfect addition  for evening dress.

Classic Collection:
FM 09, FM 101, FM 180, FM 253, FM 258

Luxury Collection:
FM 284, FM 287,
FM 303


Sensual hot fragrances that take you to a world of unforgettable experiences. They seduce with a determination and richness of fragrance notes. It's the quintessence of femininity.

Classic Collection:
FM 05, FM 12, FM 177, FM 250, FM 268

Luxury Collection:
FM 149, FM 295, FM 312


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