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Product Range Overview

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been in love with one of the most exciting, exhilarating, sensual, provocative and desirable products ever created… welcome to the world of FM PERFUME.

FM perfumes are in the same 6 Fragrance Family Groups as every other leading brand throughout the world

In stores, most people buy Eau de Toilette (only 3-8% concentrated perfume oil) because of the very high cost of buying the actual parfum

FM Perfume is at least 20% concentrated

What does this mean to you? It means that our fragrances last longer

And because our prices are so inexpensive, customers appreciate the great value for money

Fragrance Concentrations

The concentration of essential perfume oils reflects the intensity and longevity of a fragrance.  

As the percentage of essential oils increases, so does the intensity and longevity of the scent.

The concentration by percent/volume of perfume oil used in a fragrance is shown below:

Most people buy Eau de Toilette products because of the very high cost of Perfume and Eau de Parfum

FM Perfume is concentrated with at least 20% essential oils

This means that you can buy our exclusive Perfume and Eau de Parfum products cheaper than Eau de Toilette products from other leading brands.

That is real value for money!

And to complement their wonderful collection of fragrances, FM have introduced…

​Make up – for light and dark skin
Glucan Skin Care – the sensual feel of moisturisers, body balms, hand creams, facial creams and a facial serum
Shampoos & Conditioners – to keep your hair looking beautiful
Spa Aromatherapy – Relax with FM’s award winning Spa range of body scrub salts, bath salts, shower gels & scented candles
Body Care – shower gels and antiperspirant deodorant roll-ons

FM have also introduced…

For Home – a range of inexpensive, quality and effort-saving products for home and car use
Pet Care – products for cats & dogs
Aurile Coffee – high quality natural, flavoured & functional coffees